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Innovation awards

Greenpharma is the winner of the ARITT Trophy for Innovation in Collaborative Projects. The price was granted for its drug repurposing project against addiction to alcohol where its spin-off Kinnov Therapeutics was originated. Watch the video with a brief & concise summary of our activities. We have more to offer!  

RICT 2017

Ambinter / Greenpharma will attend RICT 2017 at Toulouse in FRANCE. It is a unique moment and place to share R&D needs in medchem, chemical libraries for  screening, synthesis on demand... Please don't hesitate to come and discuss with Magali and Véronique at our booth. See you soon!    


A new review was published by  Gyöngyösi et al. in European Journal of Heart Failure (2017) 19, 177-191; doi:10.1002/ejhf.696. Greenpharma participated to this article for the in silico aspects. You can find the abstract below, and download the full version here.   Gyöngyösi M, Winkler J, Ramos I, Do QT, Firat H, McDonald K, González A, Thum T, ...


The Medizinische Hochschule Hannover & Greenpharma have filed a new patent application concerning anti-fibrotic natural compounds within FIBROTARGETS. The invention relates to miRNA modulators including several natural compounds for anti-fibrotic therapies. Further, the invention encompasses a kit comprising said inhibitor of the particular miRNA. The present invention also relates to an in vitro method for ...


Kinnov Therapeutics (KT) is in the 2nd round of fund raising of 1.5 M Euros, after receiving 500,000 Euros. Alcoholic addiction represents a market of 140 millions patients. Read the full article in Republique du Centre - 2016/09/01 (French) Investors, go to Kinnov Therapeutics website for more details.

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The insect repellent N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET) induces angiogenesis via allosteric modulation of the M3 muscarinic receptor in endothelial cells. Sci Rep. 2016 Jun 27;6:28546. doi: 10.1038/srep28546.


Ambinter, the brand of Greenpharma specialized in chemical sourcing, will participate to the 52th RICT (Rencontres internationales de chimie therapeutique), which will take place in Caen, France, from July 6th to 8th 2016. Do not hesitate to visit us at our booth #1, to have an overview of our products (20 millions of chemicals). You ...


Greenpharma dans "Expression Cosmétique" - In silico: Greenpharma enrichit ses bases de données / In silico : Greenpharma enriches its database Greenpharma dans la "République du Centre" - Des laboratoires cosmétiques déjà très actifs dans l'orléanais  


Greenpharma created a new company called Kinnov Therapeutics dedicated to the clinical development of a drug composition to fight alcohol addiction. KT is in the process to raise funds for Phase IIb studies. Read the article in PDF.  

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