Active ingredients on demand

Your brain is storming with marketing ideas about future « block busters » ingredients, unmet consummers’ needs… Let us transform them into active ingredients and products.

Expertise required in the development of cosmetic products. In green with our logo, tasks performed by Greenpharma, the others are outsourced.


Our Expertise

What we bring is the translation of your ideas into solide and scientific rationale. First we define the biological activity sought, then the biological targets (eg enzymes, receptors) are identified. From there, we will use cutting-edge chemoinformatics approaches (data mining of GPDB, activity prediction with Selnergy) to identify active molecules. This strategy was conceptualized by Greenpharma as « reverse pharmacognosy ». Predicted active compounds will subsequently evaluated in in vitro assays along with their cytotoxicity. The biological activities being experimentally validated, the development phase starts by finding source that can contain the active molecules. An optimal extraction method is developed at pilot scale by considering a wide range of techniques.

At that stage, we can assess industrial feasibility and have enough products to do organoleptic, stability, formulation, safety and clinical evaluations.

The BenefitsSupercritic CO2

The benefits are our approach are numerous :

  • accelerate the R&D pace
  • solid scientific rationale aligned with marketing message
  • active components of the ingredients are identified that can be used as biomarkers
  • reproducibility of your ingredients in terms of composition and activity

A unique platform

Greenpharma has also identified several bottlenecks in the development of an active ingredient including optimal sourcing and optimal extraction (even purification) process of the bioactive molecules. To help our customers in the development step, we develop a multiple process platform (at pilot scale) including several scalable techniques of extractions eg liquid extraction, extraction with microwaves, supercritical CO2 and subcritical H2O extraction,… This platform is unique as in general other companies will only use one or two techniques but not a wide range of them. That’s why we are well positioned to respond to numerous extraction challenges.

This new platform is completed upstream with a network of natural material suppliers at industrial scale, and downstream, with a network of ingredient manufacturer at industrial scale.

Moreover, Greenpharma is supported by a network of partners and consultants for issues concerning regulation, IP, toxicology/safety and biological evaluation (binding, in vitro, ex vivo and clinical studies).

Who we work with

People looking for innovative ingredients for a brand, ingredient suppliers, distributors in the cosmetic, dermocosmetic and food industries.

How to proceed with us ?

We usually start with signing a CDA with our customers to exchange ideas and to answer to their needs. Several objectives and deliverables will be defined with go/no go steps (eg activity validations, pilot productions,…)

What kind of relationship ?

In general we will be the supplier of the final ingredient, but other options can be discussed.

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