Greenpharma Extract Library™ – GPEL

The Greenpharma extract library is a plant extract library which combines Greenpharma expertise in natural source products, and its knowledge in pharmacognosy to create a unique source of diverse and original extracts for screening and lead discovery.

The GPE includes know-how in ethnobotany, botany, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, organic chemistry and analytical chemistry to present a variety of extracts as wide as possible. The selection procedure is based on biotope and taxonomic diversity. Moreover, a “patentability” criteria is added to ensure the originality of the selected plants. Each plant is stocked so that resupply is possible within a short delay.


hit & lead discovery, botanicals discovery.


Chemodiversity reflected in the biodiversity, potential source of new scaffolds.

Library Technical Characteristics:

GPE is presented in a format suitable for HTS. A microplate contains 80 extracts representing 20  plants, each of them being represented by 4 different polarity solvent fractions. Each well includes 2 mg of extract diluted in 200 µL of DMSO. This high concentration easily allows dilutions in order to avoid the side toxicity effect of DMSO.

Data provided:

A file is supplied with the extract library (e.g. HTML, PDF). It describes the content of each well and includes information about the plant family, genus, species, organ and ethnobotanic data.

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