Greenpharma Human Endogenous Ligand Library™ – GPLL

GPLL combines Greenpharma expertise in computational and medicinal chemistry, and its knowledge in natural products to create a unique source of diverse and pure compounds for chemogenomics or ‘biological pathway hopping’. These 400 compounds are selected by molecular diversity.

A stock is maintained for each molecule to ensure further resupply. GPLL compounds are certified genuine natural compounds.


hit & lead discovery, chemogenomics, drug repositioning, pathway hopping…


Chemical diversity, metabolites, possibility of resupplies, biological pathway knowledge, bio-property predictions.

Library Technical Characteristics:

Each microplate of this library is populated with 80 products. Each well contains 200µL of a DMSO solution at 2mg/mL of the products. Taking into account the average molecular weight, we estimate at about 5.10-3 M the concentration in each well. This high concentration easily allows dilutions up to micromolar concentrations without the side toxicity effect of DMSO.

  • Purity above 90 %
  • Chemical diversity
  • Metabolite-like
  • User-defined formatting in option

Data provided:

A database is supplied with GPLL. It describes the content of each well i.e. the name of the compound, its structure, the metabolic pathway implied, EC number of proteins that interact with the molecule, calculated physico-chemical properties and putative protein interacting partners identified by Selnergy™, our in-house inverse docking tool.

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