R&D Platform

Greenpharma introduced the concept of “reverse pharmacognosy” to the discovery of active ingredients based on natural molecules. Combined with “classical pharmacognosy”, chemo-markers can be identified from a selected plant, these molecules being responsible for the biological activities. The chemo-markers (or molecules with the desired activity) allow to fully substantiate the activity of an ingredient at the protein level. These markers make the production of the active ingredient easier and highly reproducible.

Bottlenecks in the development of an active ingredient include optimal sourcing and optimal extraction (even purification) process of the bioactive molecules. To help our customers in the development step, we develop a multiple process platform (at pilot scale) including several scalable techniques of extractions eg liquid extraction, extraction with microwaves, supercritical CO2 and subcritical H2O extraction,… This platform is unique as in general other companies will only use one or two techniques but not a wide range of them. That’s why we are well positioned to respond to numerous extraction challenges.

This new platform is completed upstream with a network of natural material suppliers at industrial scale, and downstream, with a network of ingredient manufacturer at industrial scale.

Moreover, Greenpharma is supported by a network of partners and consultants for issues concerning regulation, IP, toxicology/safety and biological evaluation (binding, in vitro, ex vivo and clinical studies).


Expertise required in the development of cosmetic products. In green with our logo, tasks performed by Greenpharma, the others are outsourced.

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