Analytical Chemistry

Greenpharma offers its expertise and its technical resource to its customers to solve their problems in analytical chemistry. Greenpharma has a complete technical platform allowing quantitative and structural analyses:

  • Separation techniques: HPLC with UV, ELSD and Electrochemical detectors, LC/MS and LC/MS/MS.
  • Structural analysis: NMR, mass spectrometry, IR spectrometry, UV-Vis spectrometry, elemental analysis.

Greenpharma is specialised in the development of analysis methods to quantify molecules in plants or extracts, or to quantify endogenous molecules or API in a biological matrix – bioanalysis – such as plasma, serum, urine, tissues,…

Hence, Greenpharma gives access to techniques and data at a very early stage; they are, so far, reserved to advanced development stages or to companies possessing an important analytical platform. Greenpharma has a long experience in the structural identification of natural compounds and also synthesis impurities.

Analytical chemistry

analytical chemistry

analytical chemistry

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