Pilot platform

Greenpharma is now in a position to support customers with a full R&D package from the product concept (marketing need, a biological target, a selected plant…) to the supply of the validated active ingredient at the industrial scale. We have a multiprocess platform to identify and develop the best technique to extract and enrich an extract in active molecules at pilot scale. Then we have the relevant partner to produce the extract at industrial scale.

Here are some scalable techniques we have in our multiprocess platform:

Extraction with:

  • all type of solvent
  • supercritic CO2
  • subcritic water…

Industrial scalable techniques:

  • Filtration, clarification, centrifugation,…
  • Purification : adsorption, ion exchange, partition,…
  • Concentration & drying: evaporation, spray drying, lyophilization,…

Products obtained may be in dry or liquid forms, or included in a premix.

Pilot platformSupercritic CO2pilot scale

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