R&D Projects (GreenOvation)

This original research strategy is intended to accelerate drug discovery and development in order to shorten the time to market and the cost of R&D. It consists in applying four concepts that proved their efficiency. Greenpharma has successfully validated them resulting in several filed patents.

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  • Natural products: This is achieved with our expertise in pharmacognosy and reverse pharmacognosy and our core database (GPDB™) developed in-house that enable us to select the most promising molecules. Several studies demonstrated that natural compounds are more similar to drugs than synthetic molecules in terms of in vivo activities – Patent WO2006085013.
  • Drug repositioning: Advanced clinical phase compounds or marketed drugs are usually studied for a particular target, leaving unexplored other potential applications. Greenpharma uses its proprietary target database and Selnergy™ virtual screening tool to shift to other targets (‘target hopping’). Developm ent is shortened as many clinical data are available – Patent WO2005113517.
  • Drug mimicry: A compound activity is related to the presence and/or absence of particular chemical fragments. This will be reflected in its steric and electrostatic profiles. Greenpharma applies pharmacophore searching and bioisosterism to mimic existing drugs or advanced leads. Moreover, Greenpharma expertise in natural products and medicinal chemistry allows shifting from a natural lead/hit compound to synthetic series – Patent WO2004011464.
  • Drug association: Biological processes are complex and the current concept of ‘one drug, one target’ is over-simplifying. Greenpharma proposes to associate known drugs to increase their therapeutic power (synergy) in their former applications or in new applications. This is achieved by mining Greenpharma proprietary database and using Selnergy™ – Patent WO2006018538.

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