International research consortia where Greenpharma is involved in:


The goal of the EUGeneHeart project is the development of new approaches to prevent and treat heart failure through analysis of the genomics of signalling.


NABATIVI is a network with a strategic objective in the area of antimicrobial drug resistance and infectious diseases research.


The Fibro-Targets (Targeting cardiac fibrosis for heart failure treatment) project is a multi-disciplinary program involving 11 partners ambitioning « the identification, characterisation and validation of in vitro and in vivo models of novel therapeutically relevant targets » for myocardial interstitial fibrosis (MIF) in heart failure.

Our strategic partners:


GLYcoDiag is specialised in glycobiology and glycoanalysis services and products for the development of tests based on glycosylation parameters of molecules.


Key-Obs is a preclinical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialized in central nervous system.


Artimmune offers expertise and research services for preclinical projects in immunology.

Greenpharma is a member of these associations:

Cosmetic Valley:

Greenpharma is in the board of the Cosmetic Valley. The mission of this “competitiveness cluster” is the development of cosmetic and perfumery industry in France by promoting industrial and/or academic partnership and coordinating governmental and private efforts.


This association aims at promoting and developing scientific and industrial research in ageing and health.

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