Reinventing nature

The Nature is rich in invention, we only reveal them, reinvent them.

Greenpharma is your R&D solutions provider, and offers you a wide range of products, services and active ingredients.

Our core business is based on the knowledge of natural substances and relies on a multidisciplinary technical platform, which allows this understanding of active molecules and the discovery of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agri-food industries.

Strengthen your R&D with our many services

Drug discovery

QSAR or QSPR respectively Quantitative Structure Activity or Property Relationship are powerful techniques consisting in using available structural data (translated into molecular descriptors) to derive a mathematical model. This model relates changes in the structure with an activity or a property.

QSAR techniques are successfully used in pharmacy for lead optimisation. QSPR can be applied to build models to estimate properties such as water solubility, logP, toxicity or organoleptic properties based on molecules with known properties.

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Thanks to our global network of raw material suppliers, Greenpharma can help you identify the best sources for the development of your ingredients, taking into account costs, molecular content, sustainable development …

For example, you want a particular plant with a compound identified or containing a family of compounds. We ask the same plant from our partners and we analyze the content of interest molecules. Indeed, a plant that grows in several environments can produce different compounds at different levels.

A report is then provided for you to make a decision.

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This original research strategy aims to accelerate the discovery of molecules and their development, with the aim of reducing design time and R&D costs. This strategy consists in applying four concepts that have previously proved their effectiveness.

Greenpharma has validated these concepts through patents.

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Bring innovative products to our customers

Greenpharma offers a wide range of products for research to development.

We provide several types of microplates in 96-well format for biological screening, you have the possibility to make “cherry picking”, find the standards for the reference molecules. We also supply the cosmetics industry with active ingredients.

  • Atophylline: from bench to market

    Greenpharma is delighted to share our positive clinical results with Atophylline on atopic dermatitis. It is a first-in-class neutraligand targeting the chemokine CCL17.

    This is an achievement from several years of intensive R&D initiated with our partners from the University of Strasbourg. It started with target validation, in silico scsreening, in vitro validation and now clinical studies.


    Related articles:

    • A strategy to discover decoy chemokine ligands with an anti-inflammatory activity. doi: 10.1038/srep14746.
    • Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled cosmetic trial of a topical first-in-class Neutraligand targeting the chemokine TARC/CCL17 in mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis. doi: 10.1111/ics.12948.

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  • Anti-aging effects clinically proved for Dumaflorine

    A recent study published on the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology demonstrates that a black tulip extract (Dumaflorine) “improves signs of skin aging through dermal structural modulation as shown by genomic, protein expression and skin appearance of volunteers studied.”

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  • Greenpharma awarded the silver medal for CSR

    In only one year, Greenpharma could improved its CSR score from 45 to 60 and awarded the silver medal (after the bronze) according to the rating system of EcoVadis.

    This second evaluation confirms our  commitment to the process of improving the crucial societal issues of environmental, labor, Human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement impacts.


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  • Primadulcine: a treat for your skin to relieve stress

    Greenpharma launch a new active ingredient from primrose, the flower of spring and Nature revival. The extract significantly reduces the skin aging signs linked with chronicle stress induced by cortisol. What it does on the molecular level, is reflected in the cells and finally is visible on the skin:

    • direct inhibition of the cortisone-to-cortisol converting enzyme, the 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1
    • decrease of the cortisol level in keratinocytes and increase of hyaluronic acid in fibroblasts
    • increase of collagen III and elastin in skin explants

    Please feel free to contact us to get more information and to inquire a sample !


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Since 2000, Greenpharma has been offering superior products and services to our customers, from SMEs to major international pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plant health, agri-food and petrochemical groups.

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