Molecules on demand

You want to do cherry picking and select chemicals with your own criteria? You can’t find a particular molecule? Our team is at your disposal to help you in the procurement of either synthetic or natural compounds.

We perform synthesis and purification on demand. We also offer the access to millions of references via our website

Synthesis on demand

Greenpharma produces custom synthesis molecules from milligrams to grams level at a reasonable cost. These chemicals are used in pharma, cosmetic, agro and fine chemical industries.

To provide new and original compounds, Greenpharma has developed innovative synthesis routes with partners. Moreover, we offer a complete package of chemistry services and solutions to develop focused libraries based on your scaffold.

Our clients are in direct contact with a designated project manager (PhD) throughout the period of collaboration. Regular reporting is planned within the team, as well as with the client.

We have an efficient analytical platform composed of NMR, LC/MS, HPLC, HRMS, etc…, for an exhaustive quality control.

Please contact us for any inquiry with information on the desired quantity, purity and lead time.

Proprietary libraries

In collaboration with Pr. Gérald GUILLAUMET (University of Orleans), we developed methods to functionise 3 series of Bicycle 5-5 containing 3 nitrogens. This leads to new and original libraries.

  • 1H-imidazo[1,2- b]pyrazole scaffold

We developed methods to functionise this type of bicycle to provide di-, tri- or tetra-substituted

  • Imidazo[1,2- a]imidazolin-2-one scaffold

Two positions can be fonctionalised by alkyl or (hetero)aryl groups.

  • Imidazo[1,2- a]imidazole scaffold

For this series, 3 positions can be fonctionalised by aryl or heteroaryls groups.

Bioisosteres of purine

Greenpharma in collaboration with Pr GUILLAUMET developed a large number of scaffolds mimicking purine. Heterocycles shown below have 2 reactive positions at least and may be interesting starting points or building blocks for your synthesis.

Purification on demand

Our phytochemistry laboratory is fully equipped for natural product purification (eg preparative HPLC) and for a rigorous quality control.

This service may include a sourcing work to identify the best natural source as well as raw material suppliers.

Here are two examples of molecules purified in our laboratory, which are useful pharmacological tools:

Ambinter is a brand of Greenpharma and a supplier of fine chemicals for drug discovery applications. Ambinter activities in procurement started in 1989. Our database currently holds over 30 million molecules including screening compounds, building blocks, as well as a large selection of “fragments” and natural products. Ambinter offers access to hundreds of carefully selected suppliers in one place. For inquiries, shipments, invoices and support, you will be in contact with one person. You will receive your order in our shipment. Don’t spend your time in logistics but in science!

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