R&D Support

Greenpharma proposes numerous services to support your R&D. It includes specific tasks to works needing several domains of expertise. You will find hereafter our offers in informatics, chemoinformatics, phytochemistry and process development.

In general, studies begin with a meeting to fully understand the customer’s needs – a confidentiality contract may be signed to exchange freely – , then a feasibility step may possibly be performed in case of complex topics with “go / no go” milestones.

GPDB data mining

Greenpharma ethnopharmacological database (GPDB) was developed to exploit the steadily growing botanical data, natural chemical structures, and the knowledge obtained from biological tests with plant extracts, isolated molecules, or from scientific literature. It includes taxonomic data such as the family, genus, and species of organisms, their common names and synonyms. It also provides information on their applications in traditional medicine, as well as indicating the ethnic groups from which the data were collected.

GPDB represents the core of the Greenpharma platform. It is a unique knowledge management system gathering heterogeneous and complex data: 160,000 natural compound structures, 160,000 organisms, 13,000 biological properties and 54,000 traditional uses. Most of the data are derived from the scientific literature or from worldwide pharmacopoeia (oral or written) or from our internal research.

It allows to cross-link different type of concepts in a single interface. Coupled with Selnergy, it is a unique source of research hypotheses inspired by the wealth of Nature.

This original information platform is available through contract research basis. We use GPDB to
support and accelerate our partners’ projects of R&D.

Custom database development

Obviously, we are in the area of data. But how to translate data into information then knowledge? The first step is to organise and structure the data you generate or retrieve from different sources into a robust database with a user-friendly interface.

Greenpharma has a long experience in the development of “chemical-driven” database such as www.ambinter.com – an online store for chemicals procurement with 30 millions references! – and recently www.ncstox.com – a toxicology database with phytochemicals.

This valuable experience and know-how can profitably be used to address your needs in terms of data management.


Activity, synergy and selectivity are crucial parameters in the discovery of active molecules. In silico technologies such as our virtual screening tool Selnergy can accelerate this process by focusing on putative active and selective molecules for a biological property. Virtual screening is therefore an efficient decision making tool for selecting hits to develop.

Moreover, Selnergy can help in the identification of new applications for known compounds. Studies are published for meranzin[1] and ε-viniferin[2].

Questions answered by virtual screening:

  • Is there a natural molecule having similar activity to a particular synthetic compound?
  • I have a target (eg enzyme, receptor…), what molecules can modulate it?
  • I have a molecule, what can be its (other) applications?
  • What patentable analogues of a particular molecule X?

Greenpharma virtual screening platform consists in:

  • Greenpharma Database (GPDB) contains 200,000 natural compounds; this is an important source for virtual screening projects.
  • GPDB also contains 10,000 protein structures annotated with their source, therapeutic domain and protein family. GPDB also includes chemosensory receptors.
  • SELNERGYTM, our in-house biological profiling tool. It is a useful tool to explore interactions between chemical and biological components eg chemogenomics.

Before doing in vitro or in vivo evaluations, test your hypothesis in silico and focus your resources on candidates that are most likely to succeed!


[1] Planta Med. 2007;73(12):1235-40 (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17853346)
[2] Curr Drug Discov Technol. 2005;2(3):161-7 (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16472225)



The characterisation of plant extracts is long and complex task. It usually reduced to the identification of several major compounds. Nevertheless, a deeper knowledge of the content of extracts is often necessary. GAINS (Greenpharma Automated Identification of Natural Structures) is a metabolomic tool developed by Greenpharma. Based on experimental data from LC/HRMS, GPDB database and an in silico fractionation tool, GAINS will suggest the most probable candidate molecules in the studied extract. It aims at obtaining structural information on all detectable compounds of a natural extract. Therefore it is possible to propose an identification of a large number of present compounds and open new development avenues.

Analytical chemistry

Greenpharma offers its expertise and its technical resource to its customers to solve their problems in analytical chemistry. Greenpharma has a complete technical platform allowing quantitative and structural analyses:

  • Separation techniques: HPLC with UV, ELSD and Electrochemical detectors, LC/MS and LC/MS/MS.
  • Structural analysis: NMR, mass spectrometry, IR spectrometry, UV-Vis spectrometry, elemental analysis.

Greenpharma is specialised in the development of analysis methods to quantify molecules in plants or extracts, or to quantify endogenous molecules or unwanted molecules in a biological matrices. We have a long experience in the structural identification of natural compounds.

Hence, Greenpharma gives access to techniques and data at a very early stage; they are, so far, reserved to advanced development stages or to companies possessing an important analytical platform.


Greenpharma has a know-how and technical means to purify different types of natural substances. Along the process from the plant to the pure molecule, Greenpharma will use the best of the technology: conventional extraction methods that can be scaled up, supercritical CO2, subcritical water, HPLC preparative techniques…

Greenpharma adapts its strategies to customers goals:

  • the development of a natural extract at an industrial scale and at a specific concentration of active substances;
  • the design of an extract collection for biological screening;
  • an activity-guided fractionation to identify the molecule responsible for a biological activity.

Industrial scale-up

Greenpharma offers the possibility to scale-up the production of an extract at pilot scale. It may be by conventional solvent extraction or supercritical fluid extraction (SFE).

SFE is a green technology to obtain plant extracts with a low carbon imprint. It provides low polarity extracts without solvents from petrochemistry. Particularly suited for obtaining oil extract, it also allows to produce more polar active ingredients.

Whatever the extraction methods, Greenpharma can accompany you from the first assays in laboratory to the pilot scale. Thanks to our industrial partners, we can manage the manufacturing of your ingredient if you wish.

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