Natural products

This is achieved with our expertise in pharmacognosy and reverse pharmacognosy and our ethnopharmacological database GPDB developed in-house that enable us to select the most promising molecules. Several studies demonstrated that natural compounds are more similar to in vivo active molecules than synthetic ones.

Active ingredient repositioning

Numerous compounds on the market are usually studied for a particular purpose, leaving unexplored other potential applications. Greenpharma uses its proprietary target database and Selnergy™ virtual screening tool to shift to other targets and to disclose other interesting applications. The delay of development is shortened as many data are already available eg safety, supply chain, regulatory…

Finding alternatives to synthetic compounds

A compound activity is related to the presence and/or absence of particular chemical fragments with a well-defined geometry. This will be reflected in its steric and electrostatic profiles (molecular topology). Greenpharma applies pharmacophore searching and molecular topology to identify natural version of synthetic compounds.

Compound association

Biological processes are complex and the current concept of ‘one molecule, one target’ is over-simplifying. Greenpharma proposes to associate known active compounds to increase their biological activities (synergy) in their former applications or in new applications. This is achieved by mining Greenpharma proprietary database GPDB and using Selnergy™.


Greenpharma has participated to numerous international scientific projects with other companies or
academic groups. These allows us to have access to interesting biological assays via our partners.

These tests include in vitro protein binding (enzyme, receptors), glycoprofiling and cell assays. Furthermore, Greenpharma can manage clinical studies with volunteers to validate the efficacy of an active ingredient.


Thanks to our world wide network of partners for raw materials, Greenpharma can help you to identify the best sources for the development of your cosmetic ingredients in terms of cost, molecular content, sustainable development,…

For example, when you want a particular plant with an identified compound or a family of compounds, we will inquire the same plant to our partners and analyse the content in the molecules of interest – the same plant growing in different places may produce different compounds at different levels.

A report will be supplied to the customers for final decision.


Greenpharma proposes formulation services including:

  • Formulation development according to the customer’s brief
  • Solutions to problematic formula
  • Formulation of finished products from a full R&D package proposed by Greenpharma (starting from the active ingredient discovery to the final product ready to enter the market)

The technical know-how of Greenpharma covers many types of formulation such as gels, lotions, all kind of emulsions.

Our goal is to provide a personalized high-quality product to our customer. We develop cosmetics, natural cosmetic products, topical medical devices and have a strong experience in dermo-cosmetic products.

Based on our extensive expertise, we propose efficient products with guarantee of skin tolerance and with manufacturing processes complying with industrial constraints.

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