• Primadulcine: a treat for your skin to relieve stress

    Greenpharma launch a new active ingredient from primrose, the flower of spring and Nature revival. The extract significantly reduces the skin aging signs linked with chronicle stress induced by cortisol. What it does on the molecular level, is reflected in the cells and finally is visible on the skin: direct inhibition of the cortisone-to-cortisol converting […]

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  • Greenpharma awarded the silver medal for CSR

    In only one year, Greenpharma could improved its CSR score from 45 to 60 and awarded the silver medal (after the bronze) according to the rating system of EcoVadis. This second evaluation confirms our  commitment to the process of improving the crucial societal issues of environmental, labor, Human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement impacts.  

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  • Greenpharma acquired Prestwick Chemical activity

    Greenpharma is proud to pursue the legacy of Prof Wermuth by integrating the Prestwick Chemical activity into the Greenpharma chemical business. The Prestwick Chemical Libraries, and the flagship Drug Library are now a brand of Greenpharma. With this acquisition, Greenpharma completes its offer of chemical molecules dedicated to R&D research and has now a three-part […]

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